Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ensembles Open House

January 22 is the International Day of Collaborative Music – a part of the Music Teacher’s National Association Year of Collaborative Music celebration. The time has come. Let’s all start making some beautiful music together!

It has long been a desire of mine to bring musicians of all flavors together for ensembles reading sessions, or "woodshedding" get-togethers, where instrumentalists and singers can experiment, have fun and learn. I am opening the studio for several hours for an invitational ensembles open house on Saturday, January 22, 2010. The exact time will follow. I would like to see and hear musicians of all ages and playing abilities… singers and instrumentalists. You would need to bring your music, including parts for other players/singers to read from.

You don’t have to be part of an ensemble to participate! I will build ensembles based on who responds.

Seasoned musicians who would be willing to play with less proficient musicians are particularly encouraged to contact me. I’m all about education. You would be doing a great public service.

How do you get invited? (I will have a guest list.)

Email me your interest. Tell me what you play, how well you play, what music you have (and the instrumentation). If you wish to participate but have no printed music, you may still be able to participate. Don’t let no music stop you from contacting me.

Make sure you want to play or sing as part of a group – not as a star with a back-up band.

Duo pianists, vocal duets and small groups, strings, reeds, brass, recorders, what have you. Classical/jazz/folk/mixed media, etc.

Instrumentalists will need to be able to read music to some degree. Again, beginning is OK. Alternately, you will need to be an impressive improviser with a very keen ear, depending upon the genre of music you play.

Singers who don’t read music should learn your parts of the songs in advance. (And you should learn to read music!)

I have no room in the studio for a drum set or tymps. (You should be aware that my studio is upstairs in a commercial building and there is no elevator.) But small traps/hand-held rhythm instruments are great! Also, if it needs to be plugged-in and/or requires an amp, not this time around. Sorry. Another time, in another venue. More than five or six players in one ensemble at a time, same situation. Not this time. Maybe next time.

Please email soon. Ask whatever questions you like. The success of the open house is completely dependent upon your participation. Let’s do something "different." Let’s have some fun!